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Petro One Energy Corp V.POP

Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas E&P
Alternate Symbol(s): CUDBF

Petro One Energy Corp is an exploration stage company. It is in the business of acquiring, exploring and evaluating petroleum and natural gas as well as natural resource properties in western Canada.
Price: $0.145 | Change: $0.00 | % Change: 0.00%
Volume: 99,500 | Day High/Low: 0.145/0.12 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.28/0.115

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5 stars

150 meters north of J19 had an IP of 300 bopd

Hi Friends, Shareholders & those just dropping by. Crescent Point has acquired CanEra (News Paper Article Below). Crescent Point, not CanEra will now be drilling on Petro One`s J11 property very soon...read more
5 stars

Smile Largest Shareholder Of GSR

Hallo Freunde, I was thinking soon Petro One Energy will have news from more drilling on oil targets this summer. With Oil production poised to go higher I also remembered that Petro One is the...read more
2.5 stars

I stand by my statements.

A tremendous amount of shareholder value went up in smoke with all of those drilled holes. Chapmans did a lousy job. And a few made the best of the news. To deny the possibility that some made good on...read more
3 stars

RE:Facts/Not Fiction

You might add some credibility to your position if you practice what you preach and concentrate on "fact".The following are some that you might wish to ponder and they are all verifiable from the news...read more
3.5 stars

Facts/Not Fiction

Hello Friends & Constructive Individuals. It’s always entertaining watching people that are not well versed in this business trying desperately to connect things together for whatever their motive is...read more
2.5 stars

RE:Cannot fund the horizontal.

Your question concerning the role of Chapmans strikes a chord with me as I have shared your suspicions for some time.Their report was so gung ho as to now, in the light of subsequent events,  raise...read more
2.5 stars

No full time management.

Have all the advisory board members moved on ? Is delisting on the TSX in the cards to save money?  rate and reply
3 stars

Cannot fund the horizontal.

This is starting to be a joke across the prairies. Farmouts are not working. There is very little interest in the properties. Was Chapmans a front  for certain shareholders when they drilled al those...read more
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apologies...I watch this one and post'd wrongly eom

.  rate and reply
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Hold his feet to the fire

this CFA talked...mixed and mingled...hobb nobb'd and miss'd the bus. broker minion...or minion of broker < u all know whom I mean>  rate and reply
5 stars

Buyout .... Best for anyone...

Small fry always get eaten. Corporate website.. no update. All of the companies around... circling for the kill.  rate and reply
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Maybe they should switch to medical marijuana and join the "in crowd" of investing. I cant believe how quiet this story has become and how far the share price has dropped. * Always conduct your own...read more
5 stars


Hallo Freunde, I was looking at the listing properties when the company only had 3,659 acres 5.6 sections (now 9K + acres 14 sections) and Chapman did a 51-101 with a value of $47 Mill CDN on the...read more
3 stars


About to be left In the Dust  rate and reply
2.5 stars

RE:A question for Poise?

Oh yes there will be interest!! Be prepared as they will produce and report the first hour of production and shut-in the well.  Extrapolated production will be 1000 BOPD and stupid peolple like all...read more
5 stars

3 Producing Wells coming this summer ?

Hallo meine Kolleginnen und Investoren, I was just looking through the MDA report here in Frankfurt and came across this. Looks like we could have 3 wells come on-line this summer that were already...read more
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Kadaver Man

Thought he/it was past his prime. Smells that way, never a new thought , he just blows the same old chunks.  rate and reply
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A question for Poise?

Do you still feel the same way re the next NR?  I have to agree with others here that POP is "ridiculously undervalued" at this time and if you are near correct on your prediction we will see huge...read more
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RE:51-101 (J5) *Ridiculously Undervalued*

I See Big Buying Opportunity Here Do Some DD  rate and reply
4 stars

51-101 (J5) *Ridiculously Undervalued*

51-101 Compliant Information MILTON DEVELOPMENT UPDATE (J5) Petro One's 100% controlled Milton property covers four sections. Current production is coming from the highly porous and permeable...read more