PH, as I mentioned in a previous post, oil columns (basically the vertical distance from the crest where the sand seals against the fault to the OWC downdip) tend to be fairly similar in these stacked sands situation. Don't ask me why, I'm just an engineer, not a geologist...

There is in a sense a separate aquifer for each of the sands, and they might even be connected further down, but that is not the point.

You can think of these sands as books stacked on top of each other, leaning at a low degree angle against the book shelf (the fault). The covers of the books are the sands, and the pages are the non-reservoir part (shale). Instead of having a common oil water contact across. meaning that the uppermost book/sand would have a higher column (longer horizontal distance from the fault to the OWC) , you often see that sands are filled more or less to the same degree.

My pure guess would be that the source rock in this basin for some reason has not expelled enough oil to fill the structures to spill.

I'm hoping that further north in the basin, the situation could be different. If you look at the last presentation, slide 7 you can see that the new prospects, defined on 3D, are located between the two source kitchens, possibly placing them more optimally along the oil migration route, and that could lead to more filling. Pure speculation from my side, mind you.

As for no water in the Jan 23rd NR, that was based on logs only, and you would not be able to tell how close to the OWC you are based on logs. With such dense oil, the water mobility is much higher, and it shoots right through the oil leading to an almost instant break through. The oil chance to produce these sands is by a well placed at the very top, and a low draw down, hoping to postpone the water as long as possible.

I would not know how much higher the zones go, since I don't know where on the structure the well was placed. As I argued before, I would not assume that it is place very much down dip, since you then would risk entering the sand below the OWC. POE for sure knows. Eventually they will tell us.