Thx Darcy and others to have a litlle discussion.

The jury is still out for this one.

Like i said before, i'm not an "oil professional" but after many years of investing in oil-stocks, i know when i have to run into the woods. If POE hadn't such a drillcampaign this year i would be out now for sure. For me, it's a water well, hope i'm not right.

I know that the indo wells are much much more important than the thailand project, but too much investors are only believing in the words of the so called specialists who says and rides the words "5 - 10 bagger".

Yes it's possible but first and the most important thing: show me the oil !! Prove the land up!

So for POE undervalued? I do not think so. As long as nothing of the land has proved up, you are only spending a lot of $$$$$$$$. If poe can prove up the indo land the share price will fly but for the moment we don't know!