I have no expertise on the type of oil and I have heard lots of stories about how much money there is to be made in Alberta. But you get similar stories in other areas where oil is booming like North Dakota. Getting the product to market where it is needed and wanted is definitely a problem right now. Cushing is definitely overflowing in oil right now and thus the massive discounts to Brent pricing. One of the solutions is to convert a natural gas pipeline that currently runs from Alberta to Quebec to handle crude oil instead. Quebec has been getting more of their natural gas from the Marcellus shale so this pipeline is underutilized. It would take only a short time to do this conversion. There are a number of other options to get this oil to market, all of them being opposed by environmentalists I am sure. By the time POE gets this into production the pipeline problems will be solved. My guess is that on the next spike in price politicians will be falling all over themselves to approve various pipelines.

I do not see them instituting a dividend till they are cash flow positive.