3Dollar I agree with you - I'm pessimistic as well. However, while what you state is logical to update us PMI has never been timely with updates related to news/delays etc. Even the initial well issue was announced via a webcast presentation and than a few week later in a NR.

 I see 4 scenarios:

1. Worst Case: Drilled to TD and tests indiciate no oil.

2. Drilling Issues that are impacting ability to get to TD  (they know oil is there but have trouble getting to it)

3. Drilling is progressing slowly - no drilling issues and are testing as they go. Are only 5300m-5600m and will need another month to get to TD.

4. Best Case: Reached TD with no issues - intital testing shows everything PMI/Shell thought they would see.

I think were at #2 but I'm praying for #3 realistically #4 is a miracle