So many posters are now of the thought that S2 is an utter failure.  Let me ask you if the stock had run to .30 where would sentiment be?  I'm quite certain everyone would be talking about a Commercial success and getting ready to be a lot richer in the future. 


Now if the stock was at .18C, people would be more in the 50/50 camp not sure what to expect, some buying more & some reducing their exposure.


So here we sit at .12C, everyone talking long shot, an obvious failure.  I can promise everyone here that the above 3 scenarios are not indicitive of sure success or sure failure. (all be it nerve racking to have the .12c scenario play out!)-I would rather have scenario 1 or 2.  Alas here we sit.  



Oxy confirmed Hydro carbon oil starting at 5000M approx, they could not get deeper than 5200M, They had many issues, they did not use proper drilling fluids, they did not have our rig, Yet they tried & tried again-they spent over 100Million trying.  They did not side track & get through. 


PMI has SHELL paying for most of this attemp

PMI CONFIRMED the sidetrack worked on Dec 31 & were entering the resevoir.

PMI confirmed CONFIRMED that they would drill to TD or to sufficiently test the resevoir

PMI insiders Frank Guistra with a history of BIG success has also taken interest in Albania/PMI-He purchased his shares at .11C in August

Bankers looks forward to working with PMI on it's future implied exports(close proximity)

I hate to beat a dead horse but I will say it again-the longer this goes the more likey progress is in fact being made. 

EXAMPLE: Jubani was cut early at only 1700M after taking the trouble to secure a rig & set the site etc, they plugged & abandoned at the first opportunity of realising non-significant shows.


Yet here we sit-5 weeks after entering the RESEVOIR and assuming a slow & very careful progression, logging oil shows as she goes we can certainly guess 20M per day is realistic/ This gives us 700Meters from the 4850 they were at, puts us at 5550 if they have been slow-if it has been at 40M per day then we will get TD news as early as tomorrow.  


Why would they have material information of not being able to go any deeper? Or losing all fluids, or no oil shows to hide?  They would simply announce the plugging of the well & a plan moving forward...Time equals higher chances for success not less as many would believe.  There is more at play here than simply meets the eye.


As for the Warrants? Yes a good bet, as for the common shares? Yes a good bet

At this point prepare to be surprised to the upside and sooner than later.