Sell_High, yes I realize it is a small number. I have been amazed day after day at the low volume of trading in the shares of PMI. I have seen companies, and I am sure you have also, that have traed 50% of their shares in a day. That is 203 shares out of every 406 shares outstanding. The only thing that bothers me is that no one is stepping up to the plate to buy any shares right now. I am lost as to what the problem is. If there was any bad news at the wellsite, that would cause large volume and so far, it looks like our million share days are mostly people selling in fear - living in darkness - as we know nothing about what is going on over there. This company is very bad at public relations. I have not given up hope for this company. now, to change the subject, the people selling the warrants, should be smarter than the people buying them, and the price is going down. It was too high to begin with, but now it is too low. That somewhat concerns me. But, only time will tell.