Recently, I acquired a large position of Petromanas Energy Inc. after having followed the company for just under two years and traded on its volatility, accumulating humble gains throughout. Currently, I feel this stock is incredibly unvalued and a great opportunity for any investor with remarkable upside (upwards of $0.40) and minimal downside. Current market capitalization of the company is approximately $100 million with short-term assets of $54 million and short-term liabilities of $4 million - to conclude, half the company's value is fully justified as virtually risk free. To add, the intrinsic or book value of the company is $150 million or $0.21 per share. The financial strength of this exploration is fundamentally unparalleled as it is currently debt free. Aside from pure analytics, I am no geologist and therefore, I will leave good40 to spin whatever web he would like regarding sour oil, ect. But, throughout my experience, I have learned that management is integral to an explorations company's sucess and in terms of personnel it doesn't get any better than Frank Giustra. For those who do not know the man- should watch this: In addition, high net worth individuals have began accumulating millions of shares (per their December 2012 brokerage statements).. I am not trying to mislead anyone into believing there is no risk associated with PMI, but simply that the company is fundamentally strong with a lot of big names, Mr. Gisutra specifically, backing it. I would greatly appreciate any additional input terms of what I have mentioned.