As we all know this is a very expensive well to drill so let's go out on a limb and make some assumptions.

The Juban well was abandoned at 1716m or about 900m shrt of t/d , reason being negligible shows of hydrocarbons.

We save 2m dollars on early exit.

S2 is a proven discovery and much more expensive yet we continue to drill ahead. As Speedoflight commented we are probably about 10 days from t/d providing there has been no more complications. I'm sure the guys on the ground would have picked up on any new problems and let us know as in previous problem with sidetrack.

We are well into the reservoir now and  they should know by now if it justifies continuing to drill.

They would have abandoned this well just as they did at Juban if there was nothing there.

My assumption and I hope it turns out to be correct is that only the depth of the reservoir is left to be determined.

1000m of net pay. Now wouldn't that make for a nice NR and a dream beginning. JMHO