The Rock02 - I'm not sure your post is totally a fair depiction (you could be right :( but I'm hoping your wrong).

The presentation you are referring to as your source was released right at the beginning of December and is 4 weeks old and at least 20+ drilling days behind what is indicated. I believe nothing in the December presentation has changed from it's original release. The timelines are the same, estimated days to complete, the Gallic information and even share price refers to Dec. 5. It's not likely they changed the 'current depth' arrows and nothing else.

They are updating the presentation monthly so I can't understand why they would 'update' the December presentation a few days before January.

If we reference the actual numbers as per the official operational update dated Dec 3 (26 days ago) we get the following:.

"Drilling of the Shpirag-2 well continues to make progress. The Company previously set casing to a depth of 3,414 metres and the hole is currently in the Flysch shale above the target carbonate reservoir zone. After reaching a depth of 4,465 metres the well experienced some instability resulting in a sidetrack. The well is currently drilling at a depth of approximately 4,230 metres."

The difference between your 4700m estimate and 4230m is 470m. Divide that by at a minimum 26 drilling days and your looking at 18m a day - which is super slow. We will find out by next week when the January presentation is released. I hope your estimate is incorrect and Serafin's 5000m calculation is more in line with where we are.

Frankly I don't care how s-l-o-w or how long it will take them to get to 6100m as long as they make incremental progress and get there!