He used to buy through MaisonPlacements and they have purchased about 500k shares over the last 3 months at higher prices than current.  In other words,  come and buy my shares.  To this day,  I cannot believe that he did not sell his Oilexco shares.  When asked,   he said he didn't sell,  he still has them in his retirement fund.    So how much would the president of Shachter Asset Management be allowed to place in his retirement fund ?  Wouldn't you think that his number one pick would also be outside of his RSP ? He took absolutely no blame for the worst pick in history.   He was on BNN half a dozen times... who's choice is that,  BNN's or Schachter ? "  Hello BNN,   can I come on your show and promote my picks ?  I haven't been on since a week Wednesday".