ogod00... I've already responded to that.  You seem to be a touch above the regular pumpers,  in terms of credibility... I'm wondering why you didn't post the rebuff as well ?


Long story short,   ex-CEO let go,  felt he was owed some big time money,  took to the bullboards with many aliases and did more than simple bashing.   My posts are not even remotely similar,  just negative replies to known pumpers and promoters.  That basher who I referred too,   was identified through litigation and appropriate measures settled out of court.  Since that time,  I've learned quite a bit.  There's a difference between honest discussion and out and out fraud.   My opinions were certainly proved correct with Oilexco,  where I battled a boiler room team for a couple of years.  Review those posts from 2005 and 2006 and you'll see what I mean.