Yes, very common...On any stock that has underperformed the index, fund managers rebalance for a great many reasons, selling a loser is easy to do to help off set gains elsewhere.

It has been a trend for PMI- click the 5 year chart, if you would have bought PMI every say Dec 1st & sold every year on January 15th you would be up a whopping 300% this only holding for 6 weeks every year, vs buying in 2008 & holding you would currently be down 50%.

Here is the break down:

2008 Buy Dec 1 at .09 

2009 Sell Jan 15 at .14 (55% gain)

2009 Buy Dec 1 at .20

2010 Sell Jan 15 at .45 (125% gain)

2010 Buy Dec 1 at .35 

2011 Sell Jan 15 at .50 (40% gain)

2011 Buy Dec 1 at .14

2012 Sell Jan 15 at .25 (80% gain)

Now this year we have transformational news on the horizon in the new year, buying right now (over the next 2 weeks) is as close to a no brainer as you can find, reep the rewards of tax loss selling on this one...a 100% gain is impending or at the very least the average of the gains over the years would be a very reasonable assumption, which would be a 75% rise from our opening price on December 1st...I suspect we will be at .145 on dec 1st, this gives us a share price of at least .25 on January 15th.