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Petromanas Energy Inc V.PMI

Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas E&P
Alternate Symbol(s): V.PMI.WT|PENYF

Petromanas Energy, Inc., is an exploration stage company. The Company is engaged in acquisition, exploration and development of oil and gas properties in Albania, France and Australia.
Price: $0.24 | Change: +$0.01 | % Change: +4.35%
Volume: 2.7m | Day High/Low: 0.25/0.225 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.26/0.08

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RE:RE:RE:RE:Study the African Oil Price History Chart - PMI next?

Here is the May 2012 news release that sent AOI soaring: http://africaoilcorp.mwnewsroom.com/press-releases/africa-oil-ngamia-1-well-discovers-additional-oil-tsx-venture-aoi-201205070788094001...read more
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RE:Smart people please...

Shell owns 75% of the play (the value of the oil in the reservoir) for the two blocks PMI and Shell are jointly drilling on now. PMI also owns two more larger blocks of land in Albania  a bit further...read more
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RE:RE:RE:Study the African Oil Price History Chart - PMI next?

Can someone tell me how many barrels did AOI discover when their price spiked. TIA  rate and reply
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RE:RE:Study the African Oil Price History Chart - PMI next?

Agreed that Shell has a good chunk.  Even with 25%, the PMI potential for $1 increments is there if the field is deemed to be at the high end of current speculation. If the play is at the Billion...read more
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Smart people please...

anyone can explain: what if everything turns extremely positive like AOI for instance, what will be the share of SHELL and what will be our share, us the pmi share holders?   Or is it that SHELL owes...read more
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RE:Study the African Oil Price History Chart - PMI next?

Keep in mind though that Shell is above our shoulder.  They own à big chunk..  rate and reply
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Study the African Oil Price History Chart - PMI next?

When the positive drill results were published in April & May 2012, AOI suddenly started to trade in $1 increments. We can only hope. The recent PMI volume and price moves (slow and steady) point to...read more
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They expire near the end of Feb 2015.  rate and reply
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Warrants: my last word

I have posted a couple of times aobut warrants here. The key thing regarding PMI is that all the really crucial information will be known in roughly October of 2014, when the M1 and P3 drilling...read more
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bought 125K thus far.   Average 0.027 cents.  Making above 900$ for now.  Will sell as it goes up and keep 20K for the great finally.   By then I will be as green as green can be and will hope for the...read more
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RE:Finally, I can start posting again, Yes the warrants

If anyone wants to see what warrants can do have a look at the history of PRE warrants. You could have bought for 30 cents when the market crashed with an exercise price of seven and change. The stock...read more
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Finally, I can start posting again, Yes the warrants

are real cheap here. One thing you have to keep in mind is that the leverage is working in your favour. The more that you buy the greater your gain, if we anticipate the price of the strock going up...read more
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I like the warrants. If you invested 10k into the stock you would get 41666 shares of PMI @ .24 cents. If the stock went to 60 cents your shares are now worth 25k. take the same 10k and invest in the...read more
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Shpirag2 results

Let's see if I get this correct.  S2 was an appraisal of a discovery made by OXY about 13 years ago which was left abandoned.  That discovery wasn't logged because of drilling problems and they were...read more
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Do they hold over 20% of the company?  rate and reply
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Not sure which way to go here, more shares or pick up warrants. If we get to a buck warrants are worth it, if this hangs around 50-60 cents for a while perhaps shares the best route. Comments...read more
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Read numerous posts, read the Casey excerpt. We believe they are indeed referring to Petromanas Energy. Analysis: "a quaint, rural region in Central Europe"=Albania. "Insider(s) buying at market...read more
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RE:Total Volume 4.3 Million TODAY!!!

The resevoir should have been hit over the last day or two. My guess is that they have reached it successfully and the presence of hydrocarbons is very evident.  The timing, buying and share increase...read more
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RE:RE:Finally Some Good News!

Check your computer for viruses guys, I picked up a nasty one from someone posting spam just like this on Stockhouse. Turned out to be a Vietnamese based Trojan that locked up my computer--took 2 days...read more
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RE:Finally Some Good News!

SPAM  rate and reply