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Petromanas Energy Inc V.PMI

Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas E&P
Alternate Symbol(s):  V.PMI.WT | PENYF

Petromanas Energy, Inc., is an exploration stage company. The Company is engaged in acquisition, exploration and development of oil and gas properties in Albania, France and Australia.
Price: $0.26 | Change: $0.00 | %Change: 0.00%
Volume: 6.5m | Day High/Low: 0.265/0.225 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.40/0.08

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heck buy five/ten thousand and if they are not in the money but the future looks good you can still covert them instead of having them expire and still make a great return , kinda playing both sides...read more
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WELL YOU JUST LET THE SECRET OUT...the other majors know now..Now we can have the update with the real news  rate and reply
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i think

some of the selling was players making the move to AEN , it had 100 percent gain , I seen Rock over there as well . Is it possible Rock ?? a lot of volume their , over 12 million shares ??  rate and reply
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Many the last few days have been fleeced, I suspect the usual run of sheeples that all bought over .30 cents & were sheered out of their positions.  If this was you I suggest you run away & don't look...read more
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RE:Petromanas Energy : Shaking the Trees....blog post by GIL

Informative link PHENOM007, well worth reading. Thanks. //JMIR777  rate and reply
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Petromanas Energy : Shaking the Trees....blog post by GIL

http://www.goldinvestmentletter.com/petromanas/  rate and reply
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RE: i think they stopped drilling

We know who is down there, Good40 with a 15 inch diameter steel disk and a barrel full of cannonballs, trying to stop the oil from flowing. //JMMIR777  rate and reply
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RE:Good old "Anon"......

hmm interesting , usually Anon really dumps at the close and considering it closed on the high side and they never unloaded heavy with one minute left maybe they are finished. Or letting us catch our...read more
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Good old "Anon"......

dumped 1.57 million and RBC  1.38 Doesn't seem like one party found a leak and liquidated, pretty well spread around like a contagion ....lots of long time holders gunshy after holding since S2...read more
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RE:Haywood buying after their analyst recommended.....

thanx for the info. Any idea whose house did the most selling ??  rate and reply
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Haywood buying after their analyst recommended.....

I show their house buying over 800,000 shares today... Definitely positive.  rate and reply
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RE:With his feet in an oil patch

Last I heard Good40 headed down the hole in a futile effort to plug the hole and stop the oil from flowing to surface. His last words were that with his 2 million share short position it was that or...read more
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With his feet in an oil patch

Trying to cover his short  rate and reply
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Good40 is down the hole

Singing........with his laptop.....and a good internet connection........... lol  rate and reply
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i think they stopped drilling

because they heard some one singing " "Hello Dolly " at the 5700 meter depth . So they are trying to figure out whats going on. And who is down there.  rate and reply
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Strong buyers today as were many of the longs I figure they are about 5300 m right now with LWD all the way. As someone else said , 5500 makes a lot of sense as as interim disclosure depth. Say, late...read more
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I would be curious to know what they say to their customer!!!!!!!!!! anybody with them please share........  rate and reply
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Another downleg over the next few days????

Id say maybe 21.... but 22 was already in today.. Time will tell.  rate and reply
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Heading back to 30's

Over next few days in my opinion. Glen has given us assurance that they are drilling ahead. Newsletters will be continue alerting memberships to accumulate during this price weakness. As I and others...read more
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9 mm shares traded today

big flush I guess for month end.  rate and reply