Hi Oz.  Many thanks for your extremely informative contributions.  You really know your stuff.  I appreciate it!

What is the current situation in Australia with respect to the availability of drilling crews.  The last time I checked, there were only 5 full fledged fracking rigs (with water trucks) available.  Is this still the case?  And if it is, are there any companies in Australia with the management skils and knowhow to put some brand new equipment into the field, (with the competent hard working no-nonsense crews to run them)?  Should PFC be shipping over its own rigs and staff to get this puppy popping?  


If so, then perhaps that is what is being negotiated behind closed doors as we speak (with Heritage Oil, and with Statoil).  Time will tell....  In the meantime, patience and holding firmly onto the shares we own is paramount.  Do not let the manipulators shake the tree and grab up all of the fruit from weak hands.  Remember, f you are not leveraged  you can't be squeezed.


Keep up the good work.  Carpe Diem