On the initial "great dip downwards", and the last deep dip, I managed to snag 80,000 shares at a cost average per share at 20 cents each.  


Wyliedoggy, you think it will crash down to that level again before the outcome of this negotiation cycle is revealed?  I think not!  At the current price, this stock is a screaming steal.  However if the general stock market craters, then of course all bets are off.  However, at my price point I can afford to bag hold for awhile, if that is what it takes.  Patience is something which I have, and it has rewarded me handsomly over the years.  Panic and blind speculation are not part of my modis vivendi.


For what it's worth, today was a bad day for a lot of the gas explorers.  Even Linc Energy, the Australian darling of a week ago, shed almost 12% of its value today.  Volatility is the name of the game, and it is an environment which can set your hair on end.   If Linc can give it up like that, I guess all explorers can.  However, we know that negotiations for the sale or re-alignment of this company are deeply under way, that that is what has me glued to this puppy 'till the shoe finally falls!


Hold long and prosper, and load up like a squirill if you are so inclined.  Either way one will come out a winner on this one.  Particularlly if you have some money bullets in your Tax free savings account.  This one is a gift!