I don't understand complaints about a low SP. IMO you are harming yourself by doing so:

If you are confident, does the low SP change the future news in any way?

If you are confident and think it is cheap: Why complain about a low price intead of being happy to be able to add more? It's like complaining in the supermarket about discounts!

My impression is, most shareholders who are complaining about SPs, are not really convinced about their decision. Since low prices discourage them and high prices give them confidence, they are washed out at low prices and they are buying when prices are high.

Personally I don't buy this stock now at lower levels because i have spent the portion of money i'm willing to risk already. I can afford to lose it completely and i have written it off.

Since all three holes are still in the game, the potential today is the same as weeks or months ago. Maybe even a bit higher, because Statoil has bought in and Total has become our neighbour.