I'm not a PFC investor (yet) but here's something I just posted on the ROZ board that is just as applicable. Hold on to your shares people.....



I think this is a matter of Canadian investors vs Australian investors. How can CTP (ASX) be doing so well with a farm out valuing their acreage at $37 per share and ROZ and PFC trade at a few pennies or a couple of dollars per acre? Especially after PFC has a farm in with StatOil for $25+ or so per acre. 


It makes no sense and if Canadians continue to be suckers, they're going to get ripped off of their money from an oil play yet again as some Aussies or international company come in and swoop up ROZ and PFC at prices very much higher than today, but very much lower than the bag holders from 2 years ago. Just like the Chinese did with Nexen and Opti, Americans with Compton Petroleum etc. Canadian investors are the most generous to the world when it comes to their oil investment money. Who needs foreign aid when you have the TSX!


Load up on your ROZ shares and hold the ones you got.