Yes I was bullish on PFC long time ago. Since I had been disapointed by mangement lack of execution, overpromised. They always promised us something, then they postponed it. Also had been so disapointed by the last statoil deal. The term were awfull. and last but not least have been so disapointed by the way they manage Rodinia oil.  So I change my mind and turn negative. Hopefully sold everything long time ago.

It is a do or die stock. Don't get me wrong I never say it is 100% chance of failure but there is still a chance they make it flow economically (10% according to analyst).

I might buy back one day if flow test results are economic. Economic is over IP=700-800bpd.

I hope the best for all of you but I am afraid the tax loss season will puch that one down to 20 cents.

Time will tell who is right.