To know what might happen sometimes helpful to know what happened already. If there is accountant out there : questions to be answered: Who bought Texalta? Was it only PFC? Or did somone first buy part of the deal (Texalta/Georgina)  through AEC - Australia Energy Corporation - then PFC bought from AEC? What value placed on Georgina by AEC? Did the previous management and/or board personally own any of the deal (Texalat/Georgina) - and then sell to AEC or PFC? Or were companies used to acquire assets that were then sold to PFC and the shareholders of the company(ies) included management?

How much money was raised by AEC - and at what price and based on what valuations? What was the purpose of AEC - why didn't PFC buy Texalta directly? What were management salaries and bonus payments? Did management sell Australian assets to AEC and/or PFC? Why was money raised by AEC - at $2.00 - based on what.

Also, follow the cash - PFC raised a lot of money, and more from sale of Texalta assets and still more from  recent placement. Only 3 wells. Find out and post all salaries and bonus and any other payments.

Check SEDAR and find out what happen in this deal from the start. Should be interest.