There are three absolutes a micro cap company needs to succeed. Most are missing one when the share price is moved up. That is the reason they come crashing back down. Those three absolutes are:

#1- Cash and lots of it

#2-A good property or product

#3- Management team with a track record.

Lets review the past three news releases and reflect on what they mean. The first is self explanatory the have access to 25 million dollars at their leisure. There is one of the absolute written off.

The second news release, the team assembled to plan, build, promote and sell the finished product.These are the people with the contacts and expertise that will build, market the company and sell the finished product. When you read the news release pay close attention to their track records. All have been successfully in their own field. Past ceo"s, partners of companies all have gained respect within the industry.As these people are from the U.S. It wouldn't be out of place to expect to see PEP promoted in the U.S..

The third news release is the most important for the future share price. It gives us the time line for everything that is important. First being the dog and pony show for getting PEP known to the investing public. Scheduled for the middle of February ( the power point ). All the licence approvals, the contracts the rail agreements, permitting and the huge one. THE FORWARD SALES AGREEMENT. This my fellow investor will tell us what the spread is they will be receiving when they sell the finished product ( usually 50% is forward sold ). This will give us the future cash flow, from this we can estimate the share price  and how quick it will reach that price. It was a big shock to me to see this in the plan of action. It tells me from when they hit the road with their power point presentation to when they announce the FORWARD SELLING CONTRACT and its value, the stock is going to rock.