at the beginning of a new trading year. Last week the venture exchange went up 4.8% in just three trading days. The January to may effect has started. A number of stocks are starting to move some more than others. Some will wait and start to move over the next week to ten days. Anything that doesn't start it's move within the next week to ten days will lose the following they have built up because of all the excitement created by other fast moving stocks.

 That leads me to make this post about PEP. The management group have had ample time to put their financing package together. If we don't see a news release within the next week to ten days we must assume they are having serious problems in raising the funds needed to move forward. If this happens I think we will see a very sharp sell off. On the other hand if we see the financing agreement just the opposite will likely happen. We could see a sharp up tick in the stock. Only time will tell. Luck all