On February 8, 2013 at 7:42 am,
James Flannigan says:

This interview just about sums it up.We are betting on the people running PEM,Del his project,his past ,his vision and his and our futures.I am sticken with Del until his vision unfolds.Del in my view even though I never met him in person is the land version of Mel Fisher.I would suggest investors in PEM read the story of Mel Fisher and his 20 year quest to find the Atocha.Mel after losing a son in a dive only found half of the treasure valued at $500 million in $200 gold(1980s).The stern of the ship has never been found as of yet but contains most of the ships treasure.In todays dollars it will number in the $ billions when found.Del will go down in history as the top explorer in decades if he gets funding to fill his vision.Mel was broke many times and could not pay his crew.Del is in that position today.Thse kind of events can become a ledgend.Investors who bet on Mel became rich.Investors who bet on Del may become rich.