Hello GooNs.. If  SRU was going to get de-listed, it would already have happened. The TSX is embarrassed to have a 1/2 cent stock on its exchange. The markets are all about deception.

Palladium is about to become the darling of investors and all the talking heads on BNN will be talking about Ivanplats, Stillwater, NA palladium,  instead of Talisman and Suncor.


Invest in palladium stocks. Remember in 1999, palladium was $1000 when copper was 65 cents and gold was $280.

Palladium is negatively correlated with the rest of the metal commodity complex and positively correlated with US interest ratesa and the us dollar. The US has its problems but Europe's and Japan's are worse.

****Notice the swoon the Australian and Canadian dollars took in the past week.***********


Watch the CDN and A dollar. for continued weakness.

Cold fusion is real and all we need is a major gov't to announce publicly funded research for palladium to go to $1500.


Rising palladium,

rising us interest rates, rising US dollar

Surprise upside for us economy