I agree Player13 but I won't sell on any Idaho news until we are told what they are sitting on in Montana. I bought into BTP initially, based on Montana in 2003. Long time to wait and see.

From Pem's website:

Chrome Mountain, Montana

Platinum Group Metals

The Chrome Mountain project is a platinum, palladium, rhodium and gold target located approximately 1,500 m from the East Boulder Mine within the Stillwater Complex. East Boulder is one of two mines in operation by the Stillwater Mining Company; the only primary PGM producer in North America mining the highest grade PGM deposit in the world.

A geochemical anomaly 2,500m x 1,000m, characterized by an average grade of 1.0 g/t PGM at surface, was drilled in 2007. Drilling intended to define the northern boundary of the anomaly, and encountered reef style PGM mineralization associated with the “B” Chromitite layer and a second, previously unknown style of PGM mineralization. The “A” & “B” Chromitite layers are parallel to the richest PGM reef in the world, the Johns-Manville (JM) Reef (15 – 21 g/t PGM) mined by Stillwater Mining Co, and are thought to model a UG2 style of PGM mineralization in South Africa.

The unknown PGM mineralization is high-grade, UG2 reef-style mineralization associated with chromitite layers occurring within a much thicker envelope of disseminated PGM mineralization. This is similar to Platreef style mineralization, both of which are usually found only in South Africa.

Geologists believe that Chrome Mountain may represent a “feeder zone”; potentially the source of mineralization. In South Africa, feeder zones have returned grades up to 2,500 g/t PGM.