The fed can never put the brakes on QE...It would be the end of it all within 2 weeks....a quadrillion in derivatives which when asked to perform cannot. They are masters at influencing the talking heads and then hitting gold and then price makes commentary.

Now Pem....owned for yrs...made money....but someone tell me why they led us along about drilling starting and 8 k metres and such with the new RC method which they already said would work on this project and then drill one hole and stop. I have not seen a good post to explain this.....they drilled in a historically goldfilled area based on prior drilling, apparently have the angle figured out for longer intercepts.

So why stop after telling us how great this will be guess is to assay the first hole to make sure we are catching the max did something that they noticed make them think the RC drill was not functioning as planned...that seems more plausible to me as i do not see any other reason to be cautious...and the ones givendon't seem logical although i want this to fly.

Flex hate to say it but until the company decides to tell us something about montana we have's been yrs...