This Aug press release is about the hiring of a "capital" ($)  specialist and mentions a number of things in addition to the dud pre-salt well.  It appears that if things go forward on the unconventional project that two more deep wells will be drilled there with the JV partners bearing full cost.  Is that how others read this? Am I right in assuming the unconventional project is looking for gas in shale and testing to see if it is economical to produce through fracking?  They also mention 3-4 offshore targets...most seem to have written off PEC as dead and buried, it would be good to have the company comment on their future intentions.  I think all can agree that they are the worst to publicly communicate...they may be good at answering individual questions but I think most would like to hear publicly what their future intentions are, now they have reached 5 cents on the initial $1.00 IPO.