I am sure if GALP feels it is practical to drill a second well they will fund it (as I stated in previous emails and beleive they will go ahead). The problem now is getting what you can out of PEC and put your money elsewhere until PEC sorts things out as the SP will remain volatile until this happens. PEC did not provide any insight in their NR as to future plans as they and GALP are probably still trying to determine the next step. PEC has property, 3D data, etc which provides value but if the market is not going to acknowldge this and have the SP reflect this, than no use leaving good money on the table right now. Wait until the dust clears and take another position later. If taking a big hit right now is not pratical for some people here for whatever reason, so be it. This my opinion only which we are all free to give, I am sure everyone has their own game plan. GLTA