It is so laughable at the comments being made about Deadlock. I have been a suscriber for over 10 years and I make my $150 back a minimum of 200 times by the end of the year. He presents you companies that look interesting, you do your own DD and than you make a decision to buy. If you want to invest based soley on what Deadlock or any other subscription service provides, you do so at your own risk. Deadlock always tell you to take early profits to cover any possible losses later. If you don't get in early and end up buying high, you obviously won't have the chance to take early profits and you run the risk of taking a heavy loss. That is the benefit of following Deadlock, he gets you in early and his advice will help you avoid being the bagholder. That is the game of Penny stocks, if you don't know that by now you should be buying savings bonds and staying away from this stuff. I have never felt like I am being used by Deadlock for his benefit, maybe other subscribers have but not me. Danny can make all the money he wants on these companies as long as I am making money and all I have to do is follow his advise along with doing my own homework. I made some decent money on PEC because I listened to Deadlock and took some profits between 20-25 cents as I got in at 7 cents thanks to Deadlock and I am sure thre were many others who reaped the benefit. I got stuck like everyone else when it dropped to 10 cents and than 6 cents but that had nothing to do with Deadlock or any one else here, it had to do with how PEC handled the news and the fact that they didn't halt the stock right away. I am already making money on other picks of Deadlock and taking a small tax loss on PEC which will offset some of the profit I took from PEC. Nothing I am doing here is mind blowing and it is the same game plan that most Penny stock traders use. Take your lumps and move on, there are so many more to play. GLTA.