Instead of complaining about guys like Deadlock and me who bought PEC at 7 cents and then sold at 17 cents or higher before the news, while some of you were buying at 20 cents or so, why not play the same game and make money instead of losing it.  Right now, DXE and NFK are about 2 months away from drill a huge oil target in Tunisia,  what are you going to do, buy them now while they are cheap and wait patiently for two months like Danny or me, and then make money when drilling starts.  OR are you going to wait until drilling is ongoing and the price has doubled before you get your shares, if so you will likely be buying some of the shares I already own.  Same for OOI, which is current about 4 cents to buy and is processing siesmic for a future drill program, I own a bunch at cheap price and will be happy to sell you some when drilling starts and the price goes to 8 or 10 cents while awaiting results.  So you can complain, but really you are complaining about your own poor judgement, or you can get smart, learn some patience and buy early and cheap and wait for the inevitable drill program to push the price up.  It really is your choice and your money.  I already know what I will be doing.