Here it is straight from the prospectus. I don't know how Danny or Chen could be so careless as to get blindsided by these guys without doing proper due diligence.  Especially for a paid service.


(a) Mr. McMurtrie was a director of Nickel Petroleum Resources Ltd. (“Nickel”) from May 2004 to December 2005.
On December 6, 2005, Nickel was subject to a cease trade order in British Columbia and an interim cease trade
order in Alberta for failing to file financial statements. On December 16, 2005, the Alberta interim cease trade order
became final;
(b) Mr. McMurtrie was a director of Raptor Capital Corp. (“Raptor”) from March 1998 to June 2008. On May 7, 2007,
each of the Alberta Securities Commission and the British Columbia Securities Commission issued a cease trade
order against Raptor for failure to file annual audited financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2006.
Subsequently, Raptor rectified this matter and the cease trade order was lifted;
(c) Mr. Turnbull was a director of Mobilift Inc., a corporation engaged in the development, system integration and
commercialization of innovative fall prevention technology. Mobilift Inc. was placed into receivership in
September, 2001 by its major creditor after Mr. Turnbull left the board in August, 2001; and
(d) Mr. Turnbull was a director of Action Energy Inc., (“Action”) a corporation engaged in the exploration,
development and production of oil and gas in Western Canada. Action was placed into receivership on October 28,
2009 by its major creditor and Mr. Turnbull resigned as a director immediately thereafter.
(a) In December 2002, Christopher D. Wright entered into a settlement agreement with the British Columbia Securities
Commission, acknowledging that he had made insider trades based on non-public information in the stock of Velvet
- 77 -
Exploration Ltd., a TSX-listed company of which he had been the President, Director and Chairman. Mr. Wright
agreed to pay a $34,000 penalty and was banned from both trading in public securities and from acting as a director
or officer of a public company for a period of four years which ended in December 2006."