Vendy, there is a lot of talk on this board that the sky is falling with the ALC 1 well because 2 weeks have past since the Oct 9th news release, and production numbers are not being released and therefore it must be a duster...

If you read the release again you will see that they anticipated reaching TD within the next two weeks, and that is if everything went as planned with the liner and I would assume the cementing in of the liner. That would put things in around Oct 23ish.

With that in mind, rarely is total depth reached without a hiccup or two.

They would then need to have their geoligists study the data logs to determine the best zone(s) to perforate, again assuming everything went according to plan. Once the pay zone(s) are perforated they would have to run tests to ensure the numbers they release are accurate based on their flow tests.

This would take at least another week or more which puts us right about in line with the end of October, again assuming everything falls in line. The folks from both GALP and PEC (formally Devon) are experienced enough to do this right, so sit back and enjoy the ride with the rest of us.

My guess is that if the IR people at PEC did contact you, you would get the standard "no comment" as they are likely flooded with calls, and this appears to be a very tight lipped group based on the importance of this well to the companies future.

I am betting on some form of news by Tuesday morning, but that is just an uniformed guess.