I did not say negative things about AOI I was wondering what the chances of Ngamia not being commercial or Twiga not being commercial from my experience with Horn. When I phone companies I own shares in someone usually answer if not they return messages. Having phoned Porto multiple times and not getting phoned back makes we wonder what level of professionalism may or may not exist in this company.Please never compare this operation to AOI or any Lundin company. 

AOI/ Lundin Group are truly professional and there IR person Sophia is absolutely excellent.

You mentioned 7 days to test previous well. You answered 1 of my questions, what is taking so long?

If you think posts on stockhouse will effect my ability to sell shares when I want, ha ha you are way over estimating your abilities.

On that note please do not respond to my posts and continue pumping whatever it is that you claim to own. Having seen you on so many bb I would think you are a paid promoter or a pumper dreaming of making money!

good luck!