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Mining royalty Ontario could learn from Quebec

The new mining tax regime in Quebec could have echoes elsewhere. In Ontario, more demanding, long ago, the government collects more fees from companies that exploit natural resources.

The Quebec example could push its neighbor to revise its examination of the situation faster. Is that Ontario receives only 10% of the profits made by the mining companies, the spokesman for the Coalition For Quebec is better mine, Ugo Lapointe, judge insufficient.

"Not only the situation in Ontario is the worst in terms of royalties, but the province must also give a lot to support the industry," argues Mr. Lapointe.

The spokesman Mine Watch Canada, Ramsey Hart believes that Ontario could build the new Quebec model where profits and the value of the ore, will now be subject to royalties.

"A hybrid system is a great way to ensure an acceptable return for the people of Ontario," he argues.

But such a system of royalties could be a double-edged sword that could cool believes the mining tax expert Robert Marc.

"The downside is that it involves the payment of mining tax in a year when there are no profits, so it makes funding more difficult project," believes the tax.

Ontario's system, which encourages industry to invest more, could be improved believes the NDP Michael Mantha.

"Our structure works, but there are some adjustments that need to be done, we must evaluate the positive and negative aspects," said the MP.

The Ontario government is committed last year to see if it receives fair compensation for its mineral resources.

According to the report by Daniel Pelletier Blanchette


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