Only in Quebec can you have a region (Gaspe) that has 15% unemployment and turns away A billion dollar oil project (Petrolia) This,... despite the fact that the province is broke, they receive handouts from other provinces (that know how to value and develop employment opportunities) and they still want their independance from the rest of Canada. Good luck with that !! Get with the program Quebec!! If you want to be a bunch of arrogant, snotty tree huggers who can't stand the west that's OK,...but stop taking the money the west EARNED through HARD WORK and COMPROMISE....something you know nothing about !! You can't have it both ways. Either...A): turn down transfer payments from the west and enjoy a glass of your precious water with no food OR...B): accept the payments and have a full stomach of poutine... but start developing your own resources so you can pay your own bills in the future. You can't live off the backs of the workers in the west your entire parasitic lives. Quebec imports $14 BILLION worth of oil (ANNUALLY) and another $2 BILLION worth of natural gas (ANNUALLY) when they have in beneath their own feet. How stupid is this? Who else does this other than Quebec? (NOBODY). Quebec cries all the time about wanting free education for their students, wanting all kinds of social programs for everyone and wants to be independent. That is outright laughable considering the Quebec mindset.  Listen....if a child insists that his parents treat him more like an adult that's fine but then don't pi** and moan that you are no longer getting an allowance. If you want to be a big boy you have to earn your own money and pay your own bills...something Quebec has not learned. Collectively, Quebec is the spoiled child that gets a hefty allowance but has no responsibilities in the household. No wonder the rest of the children (rest of Canada) have great resentment for this fool (Quebec). When you start paying your bills and taking care of your own business, you will get the respect you crave now, but haven't earned. That's just the way it is. You will never be treated like a respected adult when you behave like a lazy, spoiled child that has a sense of entitlement.

Quebec...develop your resources AND have clean water and maintain your precious environment. Everywhere else in Canada they can do BOTH. Prove to the rest of CANADA your province is not as ignorant as it appears. You will all reap the rewards.

For the good people of Quebec who see the benefit of developing your resources, I am not directing my frustration in your direction. I am sure you are just as upset with the people who are spending all their time complaining but no time trying to find a solution. All the best to those who seek positive change and common sense.