My understanding is that Krishna will be making one NR which will fully detail the results of the 2 drill holes.  Krishna has never been one that says to much or gets to excited if the news is good or bad.  That is probably why we don't see a NR for every little thing that happens.  In the past he has not released news when he has received permits or for that matter when he spuds a new well.  I think the NR only comes out after people hound him to death because they have read it on this forum first.

The best part of this story is that PDQ is not at all broke and has the cash in the bank to bring any discover into production.  Once we have production then Krishna can punch many more wells into this property and the production will quickly increase.  

This is a 12 cent stock today but it really has tremendous explosive potential if they hit pay dirt.

Also there are many great discoveries that are a very short distance from the CPO 5 drill site.

We do of course need GOOD news