This stock is definitely gaining interest in the forum. Any time the words "Ballls Deep" show up in a post the tailspin of debates between pumpers and bashers is just around the corner. ;)

It's as if 2 rival gangs roamed the streets of stockhouse inflicting their wills on anyone that will listen.

All kidding aside, patience is not my thing. I am very interested in hearing the results of Dorados and an update on the Kamal-1X. 

This company has done a superb job keeping this "tight." I am not sure if the dwindling price has to do with the current market or tax sellling or a slow indication of news, but I think it is the latter. It seems to be the same across the board.

Volume has been decent lately but I haven't kept track of cross trades and such.

Regardless, the company has some cash to play with and some prospects at hand. Landing some commercial flow at Dorados will set a terrific foundation going forward should the numbers lead to more drilling in the "newly" found play.

Patience. Ah the patience.