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Petrodorado Energy Ltd V.PDQ

Sector: Energy | Sub-Sector: Oil & Gas E&P

Petrodorado Energy Ltd is an oil and natural gas exploration company. The Company is engaged in the exploration and development activities in Columbia and the United States.
Price: $0.025 | Change: $-0.005 | %Change: -16.67%
Volume: 127,395 | Day High/Low: 0.025/0.025 | 52 Week High/Low: 0.07/0.025

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RE:RE:Something is up.

They have a shareholder rights program (poison pill) that is supposed to protect shareholders by ensuring that the company can't be acquired in a lowball hostile bid. Of course if management gets a...read more
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RE:Something is up.

They modified the shareholder rights agreement. Something to do with the expiry. I don't fully understand what it means though.  rate and reply
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Something is up.

High Volume just took out all the resistance at 3 cents.  rate and reply
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Bid 0 - 2.5 million. Whats up?

Bid at .025 went from basically nothing to 2.5 million in a dead summer market. Is something up?  rate and reply
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RE:RE:Breakup value of PDQ

PDQ will be sold by year end. They want to see first the drilling results from their Indian (ONGC) partner.  rate and reply
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RE:Breakup value of PDQ

So what´s the company vaue, in which from the $94MM of total assets $65MM of exploration and evaluation assets are fraud, invented by the CFO so he can justify his +$200k a year, plus his option plan....read more
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Breakup value of PDQ

Management needs to concede they have run this ship into the ground and sell at the best possible price.  Breakup value of this company is still at least a double from here (woopie). They will not...read more
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They never had 78 million shares outstanding it was more like 300 million. Mgmt had about 60 million  rate and reply
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Heres a thought... How about MGMT finally deliver some value back to Shareholders??. Surely to god, this would be something new?  Second, in 2009 PDQ had roughtly 78M shares outstanding.. Today 480M...read more
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The company has decent books, but they need a rollback in order to clean things up a bit and get some value back. $94 million in assets with $6.4 million in debt. Plus they keep losing on a quarterly...read more
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You and PDQ management don't have a lot of credibility topadvisor.  Here is a few of your previous posts: According to management and I will not disclose who I talked to, the so called rollback is...read more
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Just read the first line after the heading in my previous post. It starts out saying ; VIRTUALLY IN ALL CASES, the shares go down AFTER THE CONSOLIDATION. Actually it is like over 80% of the time and...read more
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RE:RE:RE:TD speculative buy

WRONG !#$%^&*( Share Rollbacks: Good or Bad for Investors Wednesday April 18, 2012 15:28   As a general rule, we hate to see an announcement of a share rollback, however, there...read more
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RE:RE:TD speculative buy

When you see selling by TD, what's to say that it's them selling for their own account as opposed to executing an order for a customer?  The rollback would probably make the stock easier to trade.  I...read more
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RE:TD speculative buy

This is pure manipulation. TD was the first to start dumping shares in bulk when the rollback news hit. They are trying to pump the stock in order to gain buyers to sell into. Sometimes the liar's...read more
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TD speculative buy

how convenient that TD just recently chose this for a speculative price and not just a target of 5 cents but 10 whopping cents - it seems like this was a blatant move on their part - wonder as to if...read more
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India is seeking bids from banks to help sell a stake valued at 178 billion rupees ($3 billion) in Oil & Natural Gas Corp. (ONGC ▼ -1.71% 409.00), the nation’s biggest energy explorer. The...read more
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RE:Vote AGAINST new options plan

Vote for a new board, including f chairman Robert Cross who funded the company, of course Chris Reid CFO needs to go. He is the one making substantial money in the company. 3 years ago as controller...read more
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Someone needs to get out of pxa, so thy post

this GARBAGE. 1000 metes is o small, your child can do it in the back yard with a Tonka toy. LOL. GARBAGE !!!!  rate and reply
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Vote AGAINST new options plan

I know there are many frustrated investors here who have seen boat loads of potential be squandered by terrible management decisions.    - Drilling Verdal-2x, discovering potential pay, and NOT...read more