hongmond, so far nothing wrong with paw holding 70%of Cortec, if needed to have Kenyan citizens/residents in Cortec, I assume this is why paw went with the Amos group, to meet those requirements. There are many Canadian listed mining company's that do not have a foreigner on their bod's. That has never stopped them from having success in foreign countries including Kenya. We have no idea what the verdict will be, if we clear this hurdle, its only the 1st of few, if paw can get over each hurdle, they will get their mine back. If not, there is nothing wrong with paw's tantalum asset, that asset alone paw should be 20 cents, court situation & market conditions has pulled paw back, however this asset may be used as credit to look at other properties of merit, that many Jr's even mid cap companies have walked away do to financing, those vendors are calling any public company to make them an offer before they lose their properties, now many vendors are having trouble keeping up with payments. I'm sure paw is getting a few of those calls, this is why I'm buying at these levels, excellent entry at 2-3 cents, for those who want to make fortunes. PAW 1, 2 bucks in 18-24 months. possibly sooner if paw gets their license back. If the mining sector takes off, no telling where paw can go.