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Partners Real Estate Investment Trust V.PAR.UN

Alternate Symbol(s): T.PAR.UN|T.PAR.DB|T.PAR.DB.A|T.PAR.DB.B

Price: $4.66 | Change: +$0.18 | % Change: +4.02%
Volume: 87,245 | Day High/Low: 4.66/4.48 | 52 Week High/Low: 7.89/4.31

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The Results for S1, can someone comment, I have always

wondered about this. Here is a quote, The drillings in this area have started in 2001, with the opening of Shpirag 1 well, which indicated the presence of hydro-carbons in the structure of Shpirag. -...read more
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RE:A Financial Post, Comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You notice that he says that the REIT has to grow before any dividend increase might occur.  If they could just drop their payout ratio I'd be happier than having a dividend increase. At least the...read more
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A lot of confidence in PAR.UN Today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are up over 4%, that's great. I hope that we do the same tomorrow, and hopefully sanity will come back and provide a more relevant unit price.  rate and reply
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A Financial Post, Comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Partners Real Estate Investment Trust (2) Symbol C : PAR.UN Shares Issued 26,049,558 Close 2014-04-22 C$ 4.44 Recent Sedar Documents View Original Document   Post says Partners...read more
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Just in Case You Missed This!!!!!!!!!!

From Press Release: Management expects that the acquisition of the Properties will result in $0.0142 of accretion to the REIT's 2013 AFFO per Unit, after giving effect to the issuance of all Class B...read more
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YieldChaser, Answer the Question, How

many units do you own??????????? We want to know.  rate and reply
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RE:YieldChaser, who is MPartners, they

nobody's ? http://www.mpartners.ca/tombstones.html Let's stick with facts, not hype.   NOI and AFFO matters through improved leases. Rest is just hope & hype.  rate and reply
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YieldChaser, who is MPartners, they

are a bunch of nobody's. RM is a mega millionaire, who you going to believe??  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:RE:RE:RM, has the imagination and the necessary common sense to

rah rah rah .. you stock promotor .. what makes it a "great" deal ? Have a look again at M Partners analysis .. and why they think $4 is a fair price for this stock Stock will linger in the $4...read more
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RE:RE:RE:RE:RM, has the imagination and the necessary common sense to

It's a great deal the way it is, if the rents were higher, it would be an even greater deal.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:RM, has the imagination and the necessary common sense to

stockeditor: It's in the Partner announcement.  Read under property descriptions.  You didn't read the announcement but you said that it's a great deal?  http://investor.partnersreit.com/file.aspx...read more
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RE:RE:RM, has the imagination and the necessary common sense to

dofdan said Stockeditor;  the lease rates for two of the malls is low I take your word on this, i do not have access to this information.  rate and reply
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RE:RM, has the imagination and the necessary common sense to

At least the vendor (Holyrood) has a large vested interest in the company.  Stockeditor;  the lease rates for two of the malls is low.  I believe that this now buys 3 years to fix up and lease vacant...read more
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Let's get an Analyst to analyze this,

I am sure that we will get some volunteers, real soon. My take on all of this is very positive.  rate and reply
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RM, has the imagination and the necessary common sense to

put together a great deal, and he has done it again. As far as I understand, head lease payments on empty space are collaterallized by signed leases. It does not get better than this. There is no...read more
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Link to closed deal

http://investor.partnersreit.com/file.aspx?IID=4256966&FID=23319485 There are some positives in the attachment.  Vendor guarntees of leasing, repairs, etc.  At least that area of the city already has...read more
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Ontario vend-in closed

Dilutive to unlevered cashflow per unit and portfolio asset quality. McCowan now has negative control. Now I really cant touch this...... Apr 23, 2014 09:52:35 AM [CMN]PAR-U CN: Closing Of Ontario...read more
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RE:A distribution Increase?

Thanks dofdan1, He's definately starting to tick the boxes on what investors need to hear. As I noted previously, Growth is what the market wants in a REIT. Growth and increased cashflow per share are...read more
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A distribution Increase?

Is this smoke and mirrors? http://business.financialpost.com/2014/04/22/distribution-increases-may-be-on-the-agenda-at-partners-reit/  rate and reply
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RE:I do not mind criticism, but most of the

If you think a post is bashing you can hit the "Report Abuse" button and check off bashing. Then leave a comment in the box provided. If it is bashing they will remove the post. Give it a try.  rate and reply