What does it matter how many he bought apple-rack, atleast he bought and has a positive outlook and attitude. Geez, let's try and look at the positives for a change and stop being so negative.

2 new large licenses for 10 years. That is fantastic news because it tells all the smart people that CGX has presented a business plan of action which is not totally dependant on CGX for the exploration expenditures. The CGX shares are selling at a discount so the opportunity is there for some substantial future gains for those that have the balls to jump in at these levels.

Funny thing, naturally I use a full service broker for my Mom's account. I asked him this week to purchase some OYL in Mom's account and his response was, "this chart looks ugly, why don't we wait until the SP gets back to 25 or 30 cents" and my response to him was "why wait for that level, because I'm confident it will go beyond and buying beatin up stocks that have huge potential is how you can make great returns." When I discussed with him about the licenses and my opinion moving forward, he agreed with my thinking.

There are certainly no guarantees in this business of the "ad-venture exchange" but it certainly is volatile :)