Misfit1, Skier59 and all, I too got caught up in the ugly feeling that shenanigans were going on and the playing field wasn't level making me negative on CGX and the thousands of comments saying that CGX are a bunch of incompetent idiots. I am going to take your advice and try to filter out the negative stuff as best I can. You know that if the government of Guyana did really want to screw people they would have demanded non-refundable bid bonds from as many players as possible for the right to bid on offshore concessions knowing all the time that CGX would end up with them.They didn't do that. They up-front gave them to CGX. How much more transparent can you get? The market obviously knows and has known that CGX has the backing of the government of Guyana and the current value of that has been priced into the SP. It seems to be worth around 10 cents per share. In the past the market has put a much higher value on it. What value would the market have put on it had the government of Guyana bid out the concessions? But now, given the recent concessions awarded to CGX the value of that backing may increase substantially if emerging information indicates a high probability of discovery. I really do not think we have to wait a year or more for this SP to move up again. A great JV deal with a major player would add impressive value to CGX.