MISFIT, good to hear from you. I've been sort of doing the same as you as I've decided to limit my postings also on these boards. I tend to agree 100% with what you think and I added more yesterday at the open after reading that NR. I too, hold more than 3 times the amount of shares that I did at this time last year, actually I probably hold about 6 times more shares, thanks to being diversified and getting lucky with AOI last year. It was almost exactly this time last year after Jan. 31st when our SP hit its high of $1.50 and wouldn't hold that level that I decided to switch some of my OYL to AOI at almost a 1 for 1 ratio. Wish I had switched it all...hehehe....I'd certainly be laughing today, but atleast I was diversified enough that 1 winner stock saved me from disaster last year out of my 5 oil stocks.

There is no way what so ever that these licences would have been given to CGX if they did not have a solid business plan of action presented to the Guyana Government, which proved they had the backing of some sort of JVP's. I don't think there is anyway what so ever that they would have given them if CGX said "don't worry...be happy....we'll suck the money from the market again.". I really don't think that approach would have worked this time round.

Remember this, last year we had no holes drilled in the sea floor and a MC of over $400 million. Today we have tons of valuable data from the drilling to put with the seismics and now our MC is 1/10 of what it was last year. I think a 10 bagger from these levels is going to be quite easy, it just probably won't happen this year, but I'm sure it will happen, providing we don't get bought out, which wouldn't happen below 80 cents in my opinion.