"Head fake", "game is rigged". Stuff like this implies intent to decieve. Who paid 4 million to look at CGX's data? That is what I would like to know. How do we know that CGX has not already received JV offers but are holding out for better offers. How do we know that better offers are judged to be likely after some more seismic has been shot and interpreted? If true then CGX is acting super responsibly and in the best interests of shareholders and the last thing they would want is to create the impression of a rigged game that would scare off potential JV bidders. As far as how the government of Guyana is playing this I can only say that it is their offshore area and they can play it anyway that best suits them and if they want to favour CGX for whatever motive then that is their business. If the awarding of offshore blocks to CGX gives CGX much more bargaining power in JV negociations then so what?