Pretty interesting article released by 'Upstream' dated Feb-08-2013 entitled "Staatsolie on Lookout for Rig for Surnaime Wildcat".  See link:


In short, it appears Staastolis (Suriname's National Oil Company) intends on spudding a wildcat offshore Suriname later this year, Block 4.  Water depth is 20 meters and prospect lies 6,000 feet below the surface.


The article also states: "Major oil companies are probing blocks in deepwater water offshore Suriname after Inpex drilled a well that indicated an active petroleum system in the emerging conjugate margin play."


Side note - this is very similar to where CGX assets lie (Corentyne, Anncex, Pomeroon) - as they also straddle Guyana's 'conjugate margin'.


The article further states: "Tullow Oil is preparing to drill in 2015 and will be joined by Murphy Oil, which will shoot 3D seismic this year to refine is drilling targets.  Inpex plans to shoot 3D seismic this year to build upon the knowledge it gained from the Aitkanti wildcat and will drll a second well in the second half of 2015.  Apchace, which recently took a block after a short listed bid round will begin exploring its acerage toward the end of 2014.  'A lot of wells are going to be drilled between 2014 and 2016', Wim Dwarkasing said [Staatsolie deputy director of exploration and petroleum contracts].  This year it will be seismic work and interpretation of data'."