LMAO Catkin!

Well written and I'm still holding strong as I believe when news finally does get released it will be good enought to give us a HUGE boost.  I can't imagine that they have been working this long, this silent for something small on the back end and I don't buy for 1 second that the Gov of Guyana that just issued them a 10 year license would have done that unless they knew who CGX was going to partner with, how the wells would get drilled and so on.  It just doesn't make any sense that a country that desperately needs oil would "do a favour" for CGX because they have been there for them in the past when they know that they could give the license to a major and it would be drilled right away with no JV's needed to make it happen.  Something is cooking and I hope it is a buffet not a small meal.  Don't get me wrong the share price is devastating to look at and even more devistating to my portfolio given how large of a position I hold in CGX but I do believe this will turn around and when it does I think you will see a big pop.  Look at the last license NR.  We were at $.16 and went to $.36 in one shot and that wasn't even for the big news so I am hoping that depending on the clarity of the NR(s) we should shoot to that or more and if they include JV's, licenses, and start dates hopefully a lot higher than that.

GLTA I know its been rough but hang in there!