As frustrating as it is , especially for us longs, a publicly held company simply can not give a hint of what is happening in terms of negotiations with individuals or prospective partners until signed. To even hint at a possible deal that would affect the share price and to have that deal fall through would expose the company and corporate officers to possible litigation. I was also hoping for a NR by now . However, CGX is involved in very complicated and involved negotiations which can take a lot of time. They are trying to put a deal together in the best interests of the company and shareholders as they have a fiduciary responsibility to do just that. To release anything that is not signed, sealed and delivered would be irresponsible. CGX is not in business to keep this board happy -  when we have a signed deal we will know and not before. The share price is taking a beating because we have no cash, partners or oil reserves - just potential. Let the company fix one at a time. In for the long haul and a possible huge reward, especially at this price. Still adding to my position.   GTLA