The big question... Is today after the close or Monday before the open going to be the day that we finally head in the right direction and not look back again???

Well I truly believe we are heading there and it will happen and I have bet heavily on it.  I think in a very short period of time we will have license renewals / extensions, JV's announced and finally get the pieces of the puzzle we need to know whats happening, with who and when.

This stock has taught me patience but for the most part in life patience gets rewarded all be it a heck of a lot longer than I would have liked. 

I think the writing is on the wall in terms of Respol, Tullow, YPF and CGX being the partners as they have all came out in the media saying positive stuff such as "we are working to get back in the hole" etc but the question is what type of a deal and for how many wells has CGX secured them.  I also believe that if it wasnt worth it, the quality of the oil wasn't good, or the amount of light oil they encountered didn't warrant further drilling we wouldn't be talking about it but we are so that tells me it is a lot better than any of them have let on.

My guess is by the first news release we will have another 2 to 3 in the following month giving the SP a nice run up to the drill date which I sincerely hope is sooner than later.  I see a $1.00 in the not too distant future and am holding strong for it and can't wait.

GLTA and stay strong!