Near 22 millions 12,5 cents warrants expired on October 23rd.  Until now, only Mark Billings filled his report on Sedi (1 million warrants):

Transaction ID Date of transaction
Date of filing
Ownership type (and registered holder, if applicable) Nature of transaction Number or value acquired or disposed of Unit price or exercise price Closing balance

Insider name: Billings, Mark Anthony  
Insider's Relationship to Issuer: 4 - Director of Issuer, 5 - Senior Officer of Issuer  
Ceased to be Insider: Not applicable  

Security designation: Warrants (Common Shares)  

        2162003 2012-10-23 2012-10-25 Direct Ownership : 55 - Expiration of warrants -1,000,000 0.1250   0

  General remarks: Expiry of warrants