I think we should be getting used to that symbol soon. Pretty soon the TSX will come knocking and 01 will have to go to the well again only thi time it's empty!

Do you know how many patents that are out there which been granted that deal with remote access?

What makes 01's pending patent so special? I guess what I'm realizing after so many years is - so what if they have a patent - If no one is infringing than it's as useles as teats on a boar.

No wonder CTXS and LOGM where never worried about 01

B&H could bully Bomgar, but when up against a real challenge they have failed miserably - no one can deny that.

How is it that a team of 16 lawyers loses in the worst possible way to LOGM's team? Did you hear them stutter at the CAFC appeal. They are terrible and for B&H to lose to them....

and another thing - the balls that Andrew has in his press release saying they are happy that the jury validated 01's patent. Are you friggin serious? Do you think 8 layman have any say on whether a patent is valid or not.

I'm afraid to say it but this is the beginning of the end. Sure there will be new posters popping up hoping to make a quick nickel but for those who have been around for awhile and know the story inside out - take a long look in the mirror...